SK Films and Canadian Embassy to Co-Host Special VIP Screening of “Flight of the Butterflies” in San Paulo, Brazil

SK Films is pleased to announce that Canadian Ambassador Jamal Khokhar will be co-hosting a special VIP screening of Flight of the Butterflies in Sao Paulo, Brazil on Saturday, August 24th at the Cinepolis theatre.

This special invite-only screening is being held in partnership with the Canadian Embassy and its consulate in Sao Paulo, Brazil – Canada Chamber of Commerce and CesnikQuintino&Salinas Advocados.

 SK Films CEO and Executive Producer Jonathan Barker will be in attendance at the screening and reception. Mr. Barker will also be meeting with executives in Sao Paulo to discuss the company’s latest Giant Screen film in development Amazon Adventure in 3D.

Amazon Adventure 3D is being developed by same core production team from Flight of the Butterflies in 3D in association with the newly formed Tangled Bank Studios of the HHMI-Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

 Amazon Adventure 3D tells the story of Henry Walter Bates, one of the greatest naturalist and intrepid explorers who ever lived, but who is largely unknown. Bates spent eleven years in the Amazon rainforest in the most bio-diverse location on earth trying to solve the big question of the day (1848) “the mystery of the origin of species”. He traveled to remote places throughout Brazil, with a guitar and a red-faced monkey and almost died numerous times.  By 1860, he had documented an astounding 8,000 new species and the amazing natural phenomenon of Mimicry, whereby animals take on the look of other animals in order to deceive predators and survive in a competitive world – providing Charles Darwin the “beautiful proof “of natural selection and evolution.