Wings Over Water


As the glaciers retreated, they left an astounding gift of connected rivers, lakes and wetlands across the heartland of North America. Today, these largely unknown water highways remain an oasis for sustaining wildlife, from the herds of bison that still roam the Great Plains to the vital honeybees that pollinate our crops and especially for the magnificent birds that migrate along these “flyways.”

WINGS tells the story of the epic journeys of three amazing bird families – the Sandhill Crane, the Yellow Warbler and the Mallard Duck – with extraordinary footage of their fascinating behaviors.

Audiences will be captivated by the triumphs and challenges of these remarkable creatures as they defy all odds and soar across mountains, deserts, cities and forests – havens to rest and refuel, as they head home to raise their young.

Film Details:

Status:In Production
Release Date:2021