The Water Brothers


The Water Brothers is an eco-adventure documentary series following brothers, Alex and Tyler Mifflin, as they explore the world, uncovering the most important water stories of our time. What are the problems, and where are the solutions to help us better protect our most precious resource? Alex & Tyler take you on the search.

Alex and Tyler are passionate about the subject of water conservation and use their respective educations in film and environmental studies to create this award-winning series. Alex is the lead researcher, co-writer and co-host and Tyler is the co-host, director, videographer and co-producer. They share a love of travel and adventure, a passion for the subject and a powerful desire to communicate their passion to audiences, especially for their own generation.

Join The Water Brothers on their adventures from the largest gatherings of humans on earth, to diving into dead zones, sailing into the middle of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch or climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. The Water Brothers circle the globe to bring back stories that affect, inspire and educate viewers.

Film Details:

Status:In Distribution
Release Date:Season One – 2012
Season Two – 2013
Season Three – 2015
Season Four – 2017

Season Five – 2023

Runtime:30 minutes
Starring:Alex and Tyler Mifflin
Distributed by:SK Films – Canada/US
SkyVision – rest of the world
Sky Vision Website:Season 1 | Season 2 | Season 3