Blue Whales


Blue Whales are the largest animal that has ever lived, bigger than dinosaurs. They grow longer than a jetliner and their tongue weighs as much as an elephant. The Giant Screen is the only place where you can see them life-size! Join an adventure of a lifetime to discover a long-lost Blue Whale pod in a remote corner of the ocean, where no scientists or film crews have explored before. What the expedition reveals will help inspire new marine protected areas.

The film will also introduce us to a broad cast of characters, including all the oceans A-listers: dolphins, sharks, orcas, sea lions and turtles.

Film Details:

Status:In Production
Release Date:May 25, 2023
Runtimes:45 minutes
25 minutes
Formats:2D and 3D
IMAX Digital/Laser
DCI-compliant Digital
Digital Dome
Available Languages:English
Directed by:Hugh Pearson