Multiple Award Wins for SK Films at Worldfest Houston

SK Films is pleased to announce that it has received multiple Remi awards from Worldfest Houston International Film and Television Festival. Located in Houston, Texas, this competition is now in its 45th year, making it one of the oldest and largest film and television festivals in the world.

SK Films most recent film and television productions received awards from this year’s competition.

The Giant Screen feature film Flight of the Butterflies, took home the Platinum Remi Award, the top prize at the festival. The critically-acclaimed film depicts the incredible monarch migration and the remarkable true story of scientist Dr. Fred Urquhart who spent over 40 years trying to unravel the mystery of where monarchs disappear to when they fly south for the winter. The film is gathering rave reviews from around the world and is currently seen on over 100 screens.

The Water Brothers documentary television series won two Remi awards for its examination and exploration of some of the most important water issues of our time. The episode “Farmed and Dangerous”, which looks at the ecological impact of both sides of wild and farmed salmon farming took home the Platinum Remi Award in the Ecology/Environment/Conservation category. A Gold Remi Award in the same category was awarded to the episode “No Woman No Water”. In this episode shot on location in Kenya and Tanzania, the Water Brothers see first hand how women in these water scarce areas are forced to sacrifice for their families, spending hours each day travelling to secure water for their loved ones. They also witness how simple water projects can make a significant change in economic advancement for the villagers and others in their communities. In order to give back to the people they have met, the Water Brothers climb Mount Kilimanjaro to help raise money for clean water and sanitation projects across East Africa.

The Water Brothers is in post-production for the second season of the series for TV Ontario, which will premiere this September. The first season of the series has been sold to over 40 countries.