Move over Cameron- Jonathan Barker is on the scene!

“Scenes from Flight of the Butterflies 3D, and the work of Director of Photography Simon de Glanville, are quite literally eye-popping and jaw-dropping.”

From Media Caster Magazine”>Media Caster Magazine

Top directors like James Cameron, Ridley Scott, Werner Herzog and Martin Scorsese are among those making a big impact by filming in 3D.

Based on some preview clips from an upcoming IMAX 3D film, shared with attendees at the Advertising Week conference in Toronto, better add the name Jonathan Barker, too.

With almost 20 years experience at SK Films in Toronto, producing and distributing 2D and 3D content , Barker’s newest IMAX 3D production follows the flight of the Monarch butterfly with a dramatic realism and visual impact rarely achieved on the big screen.

Scenes from Flight of the Butterflies 3D, and the work of Director of Photography Simon de Glanville, are quite literally eye-popping and jaw-dropping.

And even beyond the impact of IMAX, Barker says SK Films will be shooting expanded television versions of its Giant Screen/IMAX films, as well as reviewing with the broadcasters the possibility of shooting those television documentaries in 3D, as well including material for online 3D.

But what do butterflies mean to the advertising community?

Geneva Film Co. founder and director James Stewart explored the next dimension of advertising, and how it can have an impact far beyond its immediate or initial surroundings (just the philosopher’s ‘Butterfly Effect’).

He did so partly by sharing the 3D IMAX clip (and other 3D content, including some of his own productions) on screen at the TIFF Bell Lightbox, and also by describing and detailing the new 3D platforms, associated costs, and production implications for creative storytelling, be it in consumer content, advertising and promotion, full length documentaries or educational content.

He also passed around one of the first glasses free 3D tablets in Canada (in advance of its hitting the market, although several will by this summer) so attendees could see 3D content up close, as well.

Glasses-free 3D phones, tablets, notebook computers, desktop PCs and home TVs are a new and exciting content delivery channel for advertisers, Stewart reinforced, especially when one considers the stunning 15-20 per cent higher retention rates over traditional 2D spots.

In this and other industry sessions, Stewart shows solid research that the use of 3D in advertising yields eye-popping returns in memory retention, with audiences exhibiting 92 per cent total recall of a 3D ad.

What’s more, the research shows, 68 per cent of that number show a higher likelihood of following through with a purchase of the product advertised – a significant increase over the same commercial in 2D.

Although he has worked on 3D commercials, PSAs and promos produced for theatrical release, he’s always known that mobile 3D would play a huge role in building up the need and opportunity for 3D content.

“The next frontier for 3D advertising is the mobile device. From a 3D YouTube channel, to movie trailers, to downloadable content and games – the opportunities for advertisers to engage an audience in new ways is virtually limitless and incredibly viral,” he says.

Since 2000, Stewart has produced and directed leading-edge spots for brands such as Toyota, Ford, Acura, Hyundai, TD Canada Trust, CIBC, Panasonic, Xerox and Bayer among others. Through his production company, Geneva Film Co., he has now has produced over 25 projects in digital 3D, including cinema commercials, concerts, stop-motion and CG animation.

Recent projects include 3D cinema commercials for Lexus LFA, Sprint and JCPenney; live 3D concerts films of the Montreux Jazz Festival and Kylie Minogue; The Human Eye with Cornell University; the stop-motion 3D film Foxed!; Ontario 4D for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics; and Werner Herzog’s acclaimed Cave of Forgotten Dreams 3D.

He has also worked with the Rolling Stones, Justin Timberlake and the Olsen Twins.

Advertising Week, spearheaded by The Institute of Communications Agencies (ICA), is one of Canada’s biggest advertising industry gatherings. Stewart is joined on the AdWeek podium by industry experts from Facebook, Ipsos Reid, Marketing Magazine, Yahoo! Canada, Google Mobile Ads and Bruce Mau Design, among others.

The Institute of Communication Agencies or the ICA is the professional business association that represents Canada’s communication and advertising agencies. The ICA’s mission is to champion commercial creativity, amplify the industry’s economic impact, and to embrace and drive change. As such, the ICA promotes thought leadership, higher standards and best practices. It serves as the largest source of information, advice, education and training for Canada’s communication and advertising industry. ICA’s member agencies and subsidiaries account for over 75% of all national advertising in Canada, with an economic impact worth more than $19 billion annually.