Former President Jimmy Carter and Former First Lady Roselynn Carter attend screening of Flight of the Butterflies

SK Films is thrilled to announce that the Former US President Jimmy Carter and the Former First Lady Roselynn Carter visited the Fernbank Museum in Atlanta , Georgia to see the IMAX® film Flight of the Butterflies.

A special letter from SK Films President and CEO Jonathan Barker was delivered to the couple, which included additional information about the film and some milkweed seed packets. Jonathan received a lovely thank you note from President Carter who indicated that Mrs. Carter would be starting her own butterfly garden.

The couple followed up their visit by travelling to the Piedra Herrada Butterfly Sanctuary in Valle de Bravo, Estado de Mexico, Mexico. “The Monarch butterfly unites the three countries of North America in peace,” Carter said. “It is an ambassador of peace which requires protected areas and ecosystems that are preserved through sustainable agricultural and forestry practices. Each country should be equally committed to exchanging information and taking concerted action to protect the monarch butterfly- a symbol of union and strength. Let us continue to work together to maintain a healthy and balanced ecosystem for all North America.”

SK Films is committed to the conservation of these sanctuaries and proceeds from Flight of the Butterflies are being used to help protect the monarchs.

Fernbank CEO Susan Neugent greets the former President and First Lady


Fernbank CEO Susan Neugent greets the former President and First Lady