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There are few forces on earth that equal the explosive power and natural beauty of erupting volcanoes. They hold us in awe and in fear. Yet volcanoes are Earth’s master builders – shaping and reshaping the surface, giving birth to some of the most spectacular and biologically diverse landscapes. From the jungle habitats of the mountain gorilla, to the Serengeti Plains, and the underwater paradise of the Komodo Islands, all have been forged by fire. There are over 500 active volcanoes on earth, on a sea of roiling magma beneath the crust and shifting tectonic plates. The earth is literally bursting at its seams. Join us as we explore some of the hottest spots on the planet. Human beings have bent the natural world to our will; mining its riches, cutting down forests and paving over natural spaces. But while scientists can increasingly predict them more accurately, volcanoes cannot be tamed.

Film Details

Status: In Production
Release Date: Spring 2018
Runtime: 40 minutes
Formats: 2D and 3D,
DCI-compliant Digital,
IMAX Digital, IMAX Laser,
Dome-customized 15/70
Directed by: Michael Dalton-Smith

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