Turtle Odyssey

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We live in two worlds—one we call Earth, the other as alien as any distant planet—a planet where we could not breathe but where we could fly – where we would meet unbelievably strange creatures—creatures that could not live on our world no more than we could live on theirs. And yet here on our blue planet these worlds co-exist. One creature must touch the edge of the otherworld—must, for its birth, life and rebirth, cross the barrier: It is the sea turtle—an astounding voyager that can traverse thousands of kilometres of open ocean for 40 or 50 years then, from half a world away, travel, with mysterious precision, back to the very beach where it was born—there to lay the eggs that are the foundation of the next generation. With our turtle guide our crews have travelled thousands of kilometres to capture in 3D the wonders of this water world—encountering all kinds of strange and wonderful creatures from enormous breaching whales to the coral wonderland of the Great Barrier Reef—all recorded with the magic of 3D so that playful sea lions, tiny Sea Horses – and playful clown fish can float out into the theatre. We are reminded that there is so much beauty in our world and moved to cherish it.

Film Details

Status: Upcoming Release
Release Date: Summer 2018
Runtime: 40 minutes
Formats: 2D and 3D, 15/70,
DCI-compliant Digital, IMAX®
Digital, IMAX® Laser,
Dome-customized 15/70,
Fulldome Digital

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