Environmental sustainability is the most important challenge facing the world today. The enlightened public is rapidly embracing the growing importance of this issue, especially when making consumer buying and voting decisions.

Our Sustainable Planet is a legacy project of five giant screen IMAX films and related documentary television programs as well as live, online and interactive event experiences to create wider public awareness on what we all can easily do to improve and balance the environmental state of our precious planet Earth. Based on inspirational and innovative stories of leadership and positive change from amazing places and people around the world, these compelling project components will motivate us on how we can contribute to global sustainability.

Any company linked to this vital project will be positively linked forever in the public’s mind as a world and community leader of environmental sustainability.

The IMAX experience is the most immersive, entertaining and educational medium in the world.


We need a major worldwide revolution in awareness and imagination.

In 1543, when Copernicus challenged the world view that the sun revolved around the planet Earth, unimaginable upheaval and debate occurred, followed by a revolution in awareness and imagination. Today, the environment is still seen as a component of the economy, rather than the economy as a component of the global environment. We need a similar revolution in thinking to change this predominant world view. Green is green.

Ecological principles of sustainability and a healthy economy can go hand in hand. It is happening now with visionary leaders, with growing environmental awareness and inspired and innovative citizenry and companies. It is a long range view which makes sense, given the alternatives. Independent and involved scientists agree that we are at the critical “tipping point” and we must and are capable of taking immediate and significant action.


This project is a remarkable, high-profile branding and marketing opportunity for a visionary global company to be strongly linked in the public’s mind to the most important challenge in the history of our planet – environmental sustainability.

Ensuring environmental sustainability is one of the UN’s key Millennium Development Goals, as it will greatly reduce poverty, disease, global warming and maintain and strengthen our global ecology and economy.

There is growing public and corporate awareness of environmental issues to build on, as recently evidenced by vastly increased media coverage including cover features in Time, Vanity Fair, The New York Times, Business Week, CNN, and in increased numbers of environmental books, magazines, advertising, organizations, educational degrees, careers and educational films such as An Inconvenient Truth, a profound documentary which enlightens the public on increased carbon emissions from fossil fuels and resulting global warming.

Corporations practising environmental sustainability are being recognized and honoured with various environmental awards that greatly enhance their public branding and public investment.

The five IMAX films and related entertainment and educational experiences will be divided into five broad environmental subject areas, all on the theme of sustainability:

Our planet’s ecosystems are interdependent and complex, as are many of our environmental challenges and solutions. There is considerable interrelationships between the five subject areas, linked by such major issues as energy use, water use and climate change.

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