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SK Films Inc.

Pinewood Toronto Studios
225 Commissioners Street, Suite 303
Toronto, ON, Canada, M4M 0A1

Office: 416-367-0440
Fax: 647-837-3350

For General Inquiries:


President and CEO:
Jonathan Barker
EXT: 3031

Executive Vice President:
Wendy MacKeigan
EXT: 3032

Director of Sales and Marketing:
Amber Hawtin
EXT: 3033

Manager of Distribution and Operations:
Andrea Garcia Rudnik
EXT: 3037

Director/Producer/On-Air Host
Tyler Mifflin
EXT: 3035

Writer/Director/On-Air Host
Alex Mifflin
EXT: 3036

Director of Finance and Administration:
Calvin Li
EXT: 3038

Production Coordinator:
Nathan Cohen
EXT: 3034

Development Coordinator:
Caleigh Barker
(416) 666-3903

Technical and Design Assets Coordinator:
Samantha Blake
EXT: 3039

Marketing Coordinator:
Tory Hines
EXT: 3040

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