Jonathan Barker


President and C.E.O

Jonathan is a world leader in 3D film production and distribution, specializing in IMAX®/Giant Screen natural history documentaries with a twist of human drama as in SK’s current hit film, Flight of the Butterflies 3D. He is one of Canada’s most experienced film and television executives and has worked with heads of state and top scientific experts to bring SK’s award winning, high quality projects to market. SK Films was co-founded by Jonathan together with IMAX Corporation co-founder and President, Robert Kerr.

Previously, Jonathan was President and Co-CEO of Shaftesbury Films for over twelve years, where he was jointly responsible for the company’s phenomenal transformation and growth from a small feature film company into one of Canada’s leading and most successful television production companies, especially through the company’s major expansion into dramatic television production and distribution.

Jonathan developed his passion for Giant Screen films during his tenure as the senior executive responsible for the film production and distribution business at IMAX Corporation, where he developed the blockbuster IMAX® 3D film T-Rex, oversaw the production and distribution of a number of the IMAX® space films, David Attenborough’s Survival Island and the hugely successful 3D film Into the Deep. Through SK Films, he has been responsible for Straight Up: Helicopters in Action, under commission to the most visited museum in the world, the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum; the multiple award-winning IMAX® 3D film, Bugs!, one of the most successful Giant Screen films of the past decade; Journey to Mecca: In the footsteps of Ibn Battuta, winner of the Most Popular Film award in the annual Giant Screen film festival in Paris; and most recently, the highly acclaimed Flight of the Butterflies 3D, winner of every major award with the Giant Screen Cinema Association as well as the winner of the Best Immersive 3D/Large Format film at the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival.

Jonathan’s senior executive experience also includes his role as Senior Vice President, Business and Legal Affairs for Cinexus Group (owners of Panavision Canada and C/FP) and CEO of the Ontario Film Development Corporation (now the OMDC).

Jonathan began his film and television industry career as an entertainment lawyer and a member of the bars of Ontario and California. He has served on numerous boards and advisory committees, is a founding Director of the Giant Screen Cinema Association, and is a Director of Film Ontario.



Wendy MacKeigan

Executive Vice President

Wendy is one of Canada’s most experienced and respected film executives with both a strong creative and business background. She is a principal of SK and oversees creative development for the company. She is leading the writing team for SK’s next major IMAX®/Giant Screen production, Amazon Adventure 3D in partnership with the Tangled Bank Studios, a division of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. She co-wrote the worldwide audience and critical hit Flight of The Butterflies 3D and was Senior Story Editor on the award-winning IMAX®/Giant Screen film, Journey to Mecca: In the footsteps of Ibn Battuta.

Prior to joining SK Films, Wendy managed the national film production and development investment programs for Astral Media (now Bell Media) as the Chair and CEO of The Harold Greenberg Fund. During her ten year tenure she participated in a wide range of successful feature films and English and French language television programs, working closely with Canada’s top writers, filmmakers, producers, distributors, broadcasters and film financiers, including provincial, federal and international film funding agencies. Wendy also pioneered the development of programs to support digital media in Canada.

Wendy previously worked for leading animation production and distribution company Nelvana (now part of Corus Entertainment). She capped a distinguished career in government as a founding executive of the Ontario Film Development Corporation (now the OMDC), pioneering many new financial and tax credit programs for the industry and originating many groundbreaking economic and strategic studies on the important role of the film, television and entertainment industry.

Wendy has served on numerous Boards including four years as the Chair of Women in Film and Television – Toronto during its significant growth phase with the launch of critical training and business education programs as well as on Advisory Committees including the Toronto International Film Festival, the Directors Guild of Canada, the Banff Television Festival, Cinematheque Ontario, the Canadian Film Centre and the Executive Committee and Board of the Toronto Film Advisory Committee.



Amber Hawtin

Director of Sales and Marketing

Amber is in her seventh year as a highly valued member of the SK team and the Giant Screen community. Excellence, creativity and fun are her trademarks as the Director of Sales and Marketing, which is shown in her innovative, award winning work, including the recent campaign for Flight of the Butterflies which won SK the Giant Screen Cinema Industry’s award for Best Marketing by a Distributor. She oversees and develops all of the marketing and distribution plans for SK’s IMAX®/Giant Screen films as well as The Water Brothers TV series. With her strong sales background, she has been very successful in leasing SK’s library of films to many prestigious institutions around the world, such as the Smithsonian Institution, The American Museum of Natural History, The Canadian Museum of Civilization, Science Museum of London and the California Science Center, to name only a few. Amber also works closely with in-house and outside contractors in the creation of digital media assets and extensive educational programs to support and leverage SK’s productions.





Scott Larsen

Scott Larsen, CGA

Director of Finance and Administration

Scott Larsen has been with SK Films for over three years as the Director of Finance and Administration. He is a graduate of the Business Commerce–Accounting Program at Laurentian University and is a member of the Certified General Accountants Association of Ontario. Scott has over eight years of accounting experience and has worked in the insurance and automotive industries prior to joining SK. In addition to his vital finance role, he manages SK’s business affairs and contractual relations with the company’s public and private sector partners.









Tyler Mifflin

Director/Producer/On-Air Host

Tyler is an award-winning director and TV show host, winning the prestigious BBC Earth Panda award for Best Newcomer for his work on his television series The Water Brothers, now in its third season and which Tyler directs, co-hosts and co-produces. A graduate of the University of British Columbia with a major in film production, he began his career at SK filming research expeditions and promotional material for SK projects. Tyler excels as a videographer and director and applies these skills to his work on The Water Brothers series that he created along with his brother. Tyler never travels without his camera and has filmed projects in over 30 countries around the world. From the top of mountains to the depth of our oceans, there is no place he won’t venture in search of great stories. His keen eye and attention to detail make him an invaluable member of SK Films and The Water Brothers. He has a passion for nature and a strong desire to incorporate all forms of media to create high quality, multi-platform projects. He has been instrumental in creating digital media programs for SK, especially the Quench app and the upcoming “Dive Deeper”.




Alex Mifflin

Writer/Director/On-Air Host

Alex is an award-winning writer and TV show host who has interviewed and bonded with many of the world’s top environmental and scientific experts for The Water Brothers, a documentary television series he created along with his brother. He most recently won the prestigious BBC Earth Panda award for Best Newcomer for his work on the series, which is now in its third season.  Alex graduated from Dalhousie University and the University of King’s College with a degree in International Development and Environmental Science. Alex joined SK Films in 2008 to manage research needs for various projects in development. He has a background and keen interest in environmental issues and provides research and script consultation for all of SK’s projects. His work on these projects – especially The Water Brothers, on which he has been the lead researcher and writer – has allowed him to combine his interest in science, the environment and film to explain how humans can harmonize our relationship with the natural world and help raise awareness and dynamically educate the public about environmental issues.