SK Films has a track record of delivering the most captivating, immersive experiences for audiences. Our films are specifically made for IMAX® and Giant Screen theatres, the most powerful educational storytelling medium there is. These technologies deliver the brightest, clearest images, on the largest screens in the world (up to 95ft tall), with powerful and enveloping surround sound. Viewers feel as though they are a part of the experience, from a remote mountain peak in Mexico surrounded by millions of Monarch butterflies to the cockpit of a Black Hawk helicopter, to the Holy City of Mecca during the Hajj – SK Films is able to take audiences on a journey to places they had only dreamed of.

SK Films upholds the legacy of its co-founder Robert Kerr, the co-inventor of IMAX®, by continuing to innovate, utilizing the most advanced technology to create films that are technically superior and excite the imagination of viewers. SK Films works with some of the most talented imaging experts in the world to create perfectly precise images for exhibition on both 2D and 3D screens. Such experts include macro photography pioneer and technical Oscar® winner Peter Parks, the internationally renowned 3D director Mike Slee , cinematographers / stereographers Simon de Glanville and Sean Phillips, and leading UK 3D consultant and producer Phil Streather. SK Films’ former CEO Jonathan Barker had over 20 years of experience producing and distributing 3D films with his first being the highly successful IMAX® film Into the Deep, and his latest successes Amazon Adventure and the multiple award-winning Flight of the Butterflies 3D, making him one of the most respected producers of 3D films in the world today. All of SK Films’ projects are conceived and produced for the Giant Screen experience and are meticulously optimized for every viewing environment, including IMAX® 3D, IMAX® Dome and Full Dome.

SK Films’ expertise doesn’t stop at the world’s largest screens. Ongoing advancement in home theatre technology is driving the demand for quality high-resolution film and television products. SK Films is ready to deliver 4K content in both 2D and 3D for broadcast or alternative distribution from its existing library of engaging films. SK Films is also well known for creating interactive digital media products such as websites and mobile apps to accompany its film and television projects, delivering a fully cohesive environment for audiences to learn and engage with the subject matter.


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IMAX Digital 4K Camera

IMAX Digital 4K Camera

DP Simon de Glanville with 3D rig on Techno-crane

DP Simon de Glanville
with 3D rig on Techno-crane

Peter Parks and Jonathan Barker with Parks' macro 3D rig

Peter Parks and Jonathan Barker
with Parks’ macro 3D rig

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